Beauty and The Beast Kids Party

Every little girl’s dream is a Disney themed birthday party, what better theme to use than the classic beauty and the beast?

So where do you start for a birthday party like this? Every birthday party starts with invites. You should invite your child’s friends with the proper invites. A few ideas are invites in the shape of castles, teacups or even the well known scene with beauty and the beast dancing. On each invite you could ask each child to dress as one of the characters, you could choose each character and put these on the invites or let the children choose their own costume. Of course the birthday girl would have to be belle.

First your venue must be transformed into a castle. How do you do that? Hang drapes of material across windows, have your table set for a banquet and you could even with some imagination and a cardboard cut out you could create your own drawbridge. So your castle is complete but what else should you do?

Your next way to help create the perfect beauty and beast party is the birthday cake. We have a number of ideas for a birthday cake. You could make a birthday cake of the castle, complete with all the characters; you could do a birthday cake of belle in her yellow ball gown; or mrs pots the teapot. If you don’t feel confident enough baking a cake there are a number of cake makers in your yellow pages.

Once your children are at the party you need to keep them entertained. We recommend face painting so the children can look like their favourite characters. Party games could consist of pin the handle on chip (the tea cup), what’s the time mister beast or pass the parcel to the soundtrack from the beauty and the beast film.

After the party is over party bags are in order. So what do you put in a beauty and beast party bag? Our recommendations are a little tiara, some popping fairy dust (candy) and possibly some beauty and the beast themed notepads.

Hopefully these ideas have helped your birthday party off to a flying start. Enjoy!

Barbie Kids Birthday Party: Fashion & Magic

What about inspiration from one of the most beloved cinematic stories of the history of doll toys , to prepare the birthday party for your little girl ? That’s right, we’re talking Barbie who created March 9, 1959 , has entertained generations of girls worldwide , and has created concepts of behavior , style and fashion.

Decide on a movie theme involving one of the stories of Barbie , plus make a beautiful party girl whose life will plan , organize and execute the party even easier , since there are numerous licensed products by the same company that produces the doll . And a good choice is to be inspired by the plot of the movie ” Barbie fashion and magic.”

Released on September 11, 2010 , the United States , and all produced in computer animation, the movie was directed by William Lau and had the participation of Dakota Fanning , Adrian Petriw , Patricia Drake , Alexa Devine , Shannon Chan – Kent in dubbing the voices of the voices of the characters in the original.

The plot is marked by an important passage in the life of Barbie : first , the blonde is a movie actress is fired from the film set . Not satisfied , she goes home and tries to comfort himself with the help of her best friends . Barbie calls her boyfriend Ken inexplicably breaks the relationship with her. Destroyed emotionally , Barbie decides to take a trip to the city of Paris, where he lives a very dear aunt, Millicent , owner of a major clothing brand .

Further encouraged by friends , Barbie travels in the company of her dog . Getting to paris , discovers that Aunt Millicent is getting rid of her brand , because it is going through serious financial problems . With the help of an assistant Aunt Millicent , Barbie decides to produce the collection created by Marie – Alice , in an attempt to regain paying designer . What the two did not expect is that we also would count with the help of three fairies fashion : Shyne , Shimmer and Glimmer , which lived in the breeding room / closet production .

In parallel , the plot develops telling the story of Ken – he had been tricked by a girl who was determined to destroy his relationship with Barbie . Guided by the friends of the blonde , Ken , decides to give a great proof of love for Barbie , only for it , it will go through many difficulties to get to Paris.

The story ends with the reconciliation of Barbie and Ken , a great and magical fashion show and Aunt Millicent recovering the success of your brand.

Ideas to Making a Iron Man Kids Party

Kids Theme Parties – Celebrate The Feast Of Her Son With The Character Of The Moment: The Iron Man

Preparing children’s parties is not always as laborious as you think. When the child is bigger, there for 4 or 5 years, she can verbalize well their personal preferences and tastes. And this is very visible when it comes to the choice of theme birthday party. So, a good option for the moment is to make the festival theme of “Iron Man”, famous character of comics from Marvel Comics, which was adapted for film, and turned rage among the kids.

To do this themed party, just visit shops specializing in physical or virtual marketing products for children’s parties or events in general, and be delighted with the amount of products that are to compose a children’s party and fun – cups, saucers, panels, napkins , invitations, towels, all that is needed to get the party well characterized with the theme.

So get to work. The first step is to buy a costume of “Iron Man” for the small, and to customize further as to make the invitation for the children, who eagerly anticipating this kind of celebration, ask that they also come disguised as other characters that populate the story of Tonny Stark, mega smart businessman, owner of Stark enterprises.

Then think of composing the environment so that it refers to the universe of the character: the table should have a central atoalha in red and gold, buy various embellishments like lollipop-door, door-bullets all with the emblem of Iron Man, and fill them with lollipops with tags with the child’s name, so that later be distributed to guests as part of the favors. Knife a custom panel behind the desk with a photo of the birthday dress now “Iron Man”, and surround it with a balloon arch also inflated the predominant colors that make up the visual character. To complete the table, a cake that can be decorated with fondant and contain miniatures modeled themes.

Do not forget the sweets, the food and drink and pick a soundtrack: the kids will love to play and celebrate to the sound of music movie “Iron Man”.

10 Pictures and Ideas for a SpongeBob Party!

Hello friends!

Everybody likes spongebob, this is a fact! Thinking it, we separated some pictures for you have great ideas to your spongebob party.

Your  child will to love!

Blender Cupcake Easy Recipe

The cupcakes have made ​​a great success in children’s parties. Their bright colors and its distinctive shape make this candy is asked by kids.

Besides delicious, the cupcakes are decorative and can be used to complement the visual candy table or placed alongside the main cake party.

The decor of the cupcake can be varied, in general it follows the theme for the party, but may be only with whipped cream, assorted colored icing or confectionery. It is worth emphasizing that the stores that specialize in party items have a variety of options to decorate the mini cakes.

A variation of these mini cakes cupcake blender is ideal for those who want to organize a party at home for a smaller number of guests. They are practical and get ready quickly.

For the dough you will need 1 cup of chocolate powder, 2 eggs, ½ cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons margarine, 2 cups of flour (no yeast), 1 tablespoon of baking powder and a cup of milk tea.

The filling is even simpler, you only need a small box of cream without serum and 250 grams of milk chocolate (choose the brand of your choice).

To prepare the dough first place all ingredients in blender and blend for a few minutes, the sweet spot is when the mixture becomes a homogeneous mass well. Done that put the dough in cupcake papers for cukcake own, remember that the dough should just reach the halfway forminha not to overfill. If you prefer to put the paper cups into aluminum molds for mini cakes, which are easily found in specialty stores.

Then bake in preheated average temperature for about 10 or 15 minutes.

The filling is simple too, just melt the chocolate and mix in the cream.

Remove the cupcakes from the oven allow to cool, place the filling and top with whipped cream.

Granulated and confectionery can be placed at will, use your creativity when decorating and also serve their mini cakes.

Recipe for Cookie Corn Stuffed Chicken

When it comes to children’s party most people immediately think of sweets and snacks that will be served to the guests. It is virtually impossible to go to a party and not enjoy most of these delights.

Many mothers prefer that specialty buffets remain in charge of this task, but not all have this availability, so some prefer to do it at home some sweet and savory.

The cookie corn stuffed with chicken or cheese is quite common, some say that he is indispensable because it is very tasty. Therefore, you need a good recipe and mostly practical and quick to make.

For the cookie batter corn will need: one cup of cornmeal, flour ¼, ¼ cup of cornstarch, one cup water, ½ cup of butter, two eggs and a teaspoon salt.

And for the filling you will need: 1kg chicken breast or thigh, a medium onion chopped, 4 cloves garlic, ¼ cup olive oil, 1/3 chopped red bell pepper and a teaspoon of salt.

First prepare the filling cookie corn, place all ingredients in a saucepan with water and cook over medium heat, simmer for about 30 minutes or until the chicken is very tender. Reserve this mixture and start preparing the dough.

In a pot boil the water, then add butter, salt, corn meal, wheat flour and cornstarch. Stir this mixture until it begins to come off the bottom of the pan, this is the ideal spot. Remove the dough from the pan and pass it to a bowl, then stir in egg and then place the other and mix well.

Shape the cookies with hands smeared with margarine or cooking oil, make small discs, place the filling in the center and close to form a ball. Done that they may already be fried in hot oil and served to guests.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Photos of more beautiful new year’s eve!

New year's eve fireworks London
New year’s eve fireworks London
Fireworks fireworks
Fireworks fireworks
New year's eve fireworks Rio Copacabana
New year’s eve fireworks Rio Copacabana
New year's eve fireworks Sydney
New year’s eve fireworks Sydney
New year's eve fireworks
New year’s eve fireworks

Dubai is a fantastic city. In the new year’s eve is not different:

New year's eve fireworks Dubai
New year’s eve fireworks Dubai
New year's eve Fireworks Sydney Opera House
New year’s eve Fireworks Sydney Opera House

Hong Kong is the best new year’s eve ever for me!

New year's eve fireworks Hong Kong
New year’s eve fireworks Hong Kong