Innovating with Birthday Party Favors

The good impression made by your party need not end when the guests leave. In fact even the fun has to end after the party ends. Traditional favors, those bags with candy and toys are giving way to more elaborate items and kits, but no more expensive. As always, we must use our imagination, the […]

How to Make a Cheap Birthday Party

Kids birthday party always brings concerns. Make or hire someone to take care of every detail of the party? Not everyone can hire a team to leave your party (a) small (a) beautiful and memorable, but that does not mean there will be no party, because you can leave everything lovely little spending and using […]

Balloon Tips for Kids Parties

The balloons or balls are protagonists in any party. No birthday is complete without some balloons. Whether they are made of latex or metallic, plain or decorated, minis or giants, no matter, are always the joy of children. The formats are varied, coming through the traditional super-heroes, stars and numbers. There are other ways to […]

Ideas Birthday Decoration for Little Boys

As written in another post, know your child’s favorite character is essential. For decoration birthday party for boys the ideal decorating with colors between blue (various shades), green (various shades), white, red, black, gray, silver, orange. What about the scenario for the boys to the party is getting good and happy birthday to choose the […]

Birthday Decoration for Little Girls

Girls birthday party, what to do? The ideal is that parents know what is the idol of the child for any embarrassment in the party. Knowing favorite color and if she does not know, opt for delicate colors like pink, from pink to lighter pink as possible, lilac, white, purple, yellow, light blue, light brown […]