Barbie Kids Birthday Party: Fashion & Magic

What about inspiration from one of the most beloved cinematic stories of the history of doll toys , to prepare the birthday party for your little girl ? That’s right, we’re talking Barbie who created March 9, 1959 , has entertained generations of girls worldwide , and has created concepts of behavior , style and fashion.

Decide on a movie theme involving one of the stories of Barbie , plus make a beautiful party girl whose life will plan , organize and execute the party even easier , since there are numerous licensed products by the same company that produces the doll . And a good choice is to be inspired by the plot of the movie ” Barbie fashion and magic.”

Released on September 11, 2010 , the United States , and all produced in computer animation, the movie was directed by William Lau and had the participation of Dakota Fanning , Adrian Petriw , Patricia Drake , Alexa Devine , Shannon Chan – Kent in dubbing the voices of the voices of the characters in the original.

The plot is marked by an important passage in the life of Barbie : first , the blonde is a movie actress is fired from the film set . Not satisfied , she goes home and tries to comfort himself with the help of her best friends . Barbie calls her boyfriend Ken inexplicably breaks the relationship with her. Destroyed emotionally , Barbie decides to take a trip to the city of Paris, where he lives a very dear aunt, Millicent , owner of a major clothing brand.

Further encouraged by friends , Barbie travels in the company of her dog . Getting to paris , discovers that Aunt Millicent is getting rid of her brand , because it is going through serious financial problems . With the help of an assistant Aunt Millicent , Barbie decides to produce the collection created by Marie – Alice , in an attempt to regain paying designer . What the two did not expect is that we also would count with the help of three fairies fashion : Shyne , Shimmer and Glimmer , which lived in the breeding room / closet production.

In parallel , the plot develops telling the story of Ken – he had been tricked by a girl who was determined to destroy his relationship with Barbie . Guided by the friends of the blonde , Ken , decides to give a great proof of love for Barbie , only for it , it will go through many difficulties to get to Paris.

The story ends with the reconciliation of Barbie and Ken , a great and magical fashion show and Aunt Millicent recovering the success of your brand.