Beauty and The Beast Kids Party

Every little girl’s dream is a Disney themed birthday party, what better theme to use than the classic beauty and the beast?

So where do you start for a birthday party like this? Every birthday party starts with invites. You should invite your child’s friends with the proper invites. A few ideas are invites in the shape of castles, teacups or even the well known scene with beauty and the beast dancing. On each invite you could ask each child to dress as one of the characters, you could choose each character and put these on the invites or let the children choose their own costume. Of course the birthday girl would have to be belle.

First your venue must be transformed into a castle. How do you do that? Hang drapes of material across windows, have your table set for a banquet and you could even with some imagination and a cardboard cut out you could create your own drawbridge. So your castle is complete but what else should you do?

Your next way to help create the perfect beauty and beast party is the birthday cake. We have a number of ideas for a birthday cake. You could make a birthday cake of the castle, complete with all the characters; you could do a birthday cake of belle in her yellow ball gown; or mrs pots the teapot. If you don’t feel confident enough baking a cake there are a number of cake makers in your yellow pages.

Once your children are at the party you need to keep them entertained. We recommend face painting so the children can look like their favourite characters. Party games could consist of pin the handle on chip (the tea cup), what’s the time mister beast or pass the parcel to the soundtrack from the beauty and the beast film.

After the party is over party bags are in order. So what do you put in a beauty and beast party bag? Our recommendations are a little tiara, some popping fairy dust (candy) and possibly some beauty and the beast themed notepads.

Hopefully these ideas have helped your birthday party off to a flying start. Enjoy!

I hope you guys could get some great ideas for a fantastic party for the kids.