Kids Theme Parties – Celebrate The Feast Of Her Son With The Character Of The Moment: The Iron Man Preparing children’s parties is not always as laborious as you think. When the child is bigger, there for 4 or 5 years, she can verbalize well their personal preferences and tastes. And this is very visible […]

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The one-year anniversary of a child is celebrated by everyone, after all is the arrival of a new member to the family. Even if the birthday boy is small, the celebration party can and should be great. Probably the little ones will not remember, but the record of the event will be recorded and will […]

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In a kids birthday party a few elements can not miss ever, are very important and are eventually expected throughout the pile. Choosing the party theme is easy which becomes more complicated and difficult is finding all the trimmings in specialty shops, while some topics are easy to find other products are more difficult, so […]

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Decorating a kids party can be hard work, many details of the decoration, buffet, party favors, balloons, etc.. Unfortunately not all mothers have the option of hiring companies organizing events to take charge of your child’s party, so it is necessary for creativity and hands to work. Remember that the theme is chosen that will […]

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Every kid party is much awaited by children and also by many adults, after all who does not like sweets, cake, sweets and other delicacies served on these occasions? Besides the food and the fun of the kids decorate the party is often also a show piece. Among boys a topic that has been virtually […]

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Invitations: Buy small plastic dinosaurs or rubber, you can find sets of dinosaurs facilmentepor prices well shorties in stores festivities. Make small little cards with the details of the party and paste this little card in the mouth of the dinosaur. Children will find the fullest!   For the cards can actually be small, do […]

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The first birthday party … parents never forget! So many questions, so many details! What to do? What theme to choose? What to buy? Here we give some tips to make this moment truly unforgettable and other tips to help you on the details. Make your party over the weekend, and not in a day. […]

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