Every little girl’s dream is a Disney themed birthday party, what better theme to use than the classic beauty and the beast? So where do you start for a birthday party like this? Every birthday party starts with invites. You should invite your child’s friends with the proper invites. A few ideas are invites in […]

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What about inspiration from one of the most beloved cinematic stories of the history of doll toys , to prepare the birthday party for your little girl ? That’s right, we’re talking Barbie who created March 9, 1959 , has entertained generations of girls worldwide , and has created concepts of behavior , style and […]

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Hello friends! Everybody likes spongebob, this is a fact! Thinking it, we separated some pictures for you have great ideas to your spongebob party. Your  child will to love!

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It’s coming your daughter’s birthday and you do not know which theme party do? Among the many themed parties you can make, one that is far more original than the traditional as Minnie, is to party with the theme of Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell is a fairy lane, but will very loyal Peter Pan, his companion of […]

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The holiday season gets closer and we all love Christmas, party, gifts, etc.. But what about the children? They also love Christmas, but they like it just because of the gifts, because they are not very attached to traditions that adults always do, they love to play it their way. For example, when you have […]

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Every kid like drawings especially those whose stories have super heroes who embark on various adventures. Boys in general are the most passionate in this type of design, thinking about it, why not organize your child’s party using this theme? The movie version of the Avengers who achieved worldwide success in a few weeks display. […]

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The cartoons conquer children and adults, the world of entertainment creates stories with different characters and each has its hallmark which guarantees your success. The Smurfs were created by Hanna-Barbera Studios in the 80s and made a great success worldwide. The little blue people who lived in a village hidden in the middle of a […]

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