Fun Recipes of Gelatin

You need not spend much money on sweets from your party, especially if the guests have only 4 or 5 years.

Below you have five recipes for sweets (dessert) that can be made with gelatin, and that will please everyone.

Sunset Gelatin1. Gelatin Sunset


1 can of peaches in syrup
1 can of cream
1 package  strawberry gelatin
3 egg whites

Cut peaches into cubes and mix the sour cream (no serum).

Orange GelatinMake the gelatin using the syrup peach instead of water. In a glass dish, add the mixture to the cream with peach. Mix thoroughly the egg whites.

Then, add the gelatin also carefully. Take the bowl to the refrigerator and thus harden the gelatin serve your guests.

You can make some changes such as putting pineapple in syrup rather than the peach, or exchange strawberry gelatin for a grape, lemon or your favorite flavor.

Rainbow Gelatin2. Rainbow Gelatin (Colorful Gelatin)

7 different gelatin flavors (colors)
350 ml sour cream
Chantilly spray

It may seem difficult, but the only peculiarity of this recipe is that it can not be started on the day you plan to serve. Or, if you want to serve it the same day, we need to start preparing them early. You can save some time making the recipe on a platter, but the best aesthetic result is to make the recipe in small transparent pots.

Colorful GelatinMake the gelatin in the first platter of your choice, and bring the refrigerator for about 45 minutes. After being quite hard, put a thin layer of cream and pour the second gelatin. Re-take the dish to the refrigerator.

Do this with the seven flavors of gelatin, where a bed with alternating cream and another without the cream. After you’re done, use the whipped cream to decorate.

Gelatin Colors Layers
Gelatin Colors Layers

Tropical Gelatin3. Tropical Gelatin

1 strawberry-flavored gelatin
1 passion fruit flavored gelatin
1 lemon-flavored gelatin
2 cups chopped strawberries
2 passion fruit (pulp)
2 kiwis, chopped
2 cans of condensed milk
1 can cream without serum

Gelatin in BowlPrepare all three flavors gelatin in separate beams. In a forth dish mix one of the cans of condensed milk with the cream. Divide this mixture into three parts, beating each one in a blender with the gelatin.

After that, mix the cream with passion fruit pulp of the fruit, the strawberry cream with chopped strawberries, and lemon cream with diced kiwi.

In individual bowls or on a platter, pile layers of strawberry cream, cream of passion fruit and lemon cream.

Gelatin Recipe
Gelatin Recipe
Strawberry Gelatin Jelly
Strawberry Gelatin Jelly
Gelatines Cups
Gelatines Cups
Flavored Gelatin
Flavored Gelatin