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Happy Kid Playing Paint PartyYou thought of every detail: guests, decorations, snacks, photographers. Everything is ready. Is it? You already know what children will do during the party?

This detail is not always taken into consideration when planning a party, but can be the difference between success and failure.



Painting Kids HandHiring recreationists may be an option if you are willing to pay between 100 and 300 dollars. A clown, magician, mime, puppet theater are also options, and should not cost less than 200, $ 300.

And who to hire? Businesses, neighbors, friends, relatives? What if instead of hiring someone to do everything yourself, and less than 100 dollars?


Kids Facial InksThe secret is to keep our guests occupied. At the point where you’re throwing the party, organize spaces. The amount may vary according to the number of children. For example, if you have 30 guests, it would be interesting to organize six spaces. While maintaining the maximum number of children of 5 each.

These spaces, which can even earn names like “corner of the painting” or “salon”, can be arranged with rugs, poofs, pillows or just tables and chairs.

Kids Face Painting

Kids Party PaintingThe idea is to create a circuit of activities. In each of these corners let one and only one activity available. At first, each can occupy the space you want. Every 20 or 30 minutes (this time is important) everyone changes places and go to the next station activities. The minimum time of 20 minutes will vary with the age of the guests. This suggestion applies to situations where we have different ages.

Kids Painting PartySpiderman Face PaintingFor activities, we can pick up the toys of their own children, like little letters, dolls, strollers, ball, booklets, pens, crayons, sheets, scissors. For each of the spaces you can invite to be an adult supervising. But that supervision should be by far, because the tip is to let them organize themselves. If you want you can buy stickers and reward small because they are participating and playing in an orderly fashion.

But remember: they were invited to a party, so if the environment is not relaxed can turn into a classroom, away from the spaces and toys.

Tiger Kids Face PaintingIf you do not want to risk it, let them decide what they want to put a song and make other parents interact in these spaces. Parents can also enjoy the little ones are playing, and bring food and drinks to them.





Batman Face PaintingAnd yet, if the local party has an open area, you can free inks. All this will depend on how much mess or dirt you’re willing to organize the next day. Anyway, your party will be unforgettable!


Fun Kids Party Painting


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