Innovating with Birthday Party Favors

The good impression made by your party need not end when the guests leave. In fact even the fun has to end after the party ends.

Favor Girl Birthday PartyTraditional favors, those bags with candy and toys are giving way to more elaborate items and kits, but no more expensive. As always, we must use our imagination, the traditional research prices and still lose the fear to innovate. You can opt for custom items such as mugs, t-shirts and balloons coated with the photo of the birthday. They are good options, but may end up going to stop in the closet the next day.


Little boy girl favor souvenir partyStill speaking of custom refrigerator magnets solve the problem of the closet, but are unattractive to small. If you want to really get the party in memory, and do not mind giving up the customization, the tip is to go the shops of .99.



Baby Favor Party for GirlsGames, keychains, stickers and even candies are some of the gifts you can find on the shelves. The differential of this proposal is that the souvenir (favors) will be used by guests after days and days, and still have the advantage of convenience: you do not need specialized graphic look, take pictures in the studio, waiting for the deadline and still run some risk as to the result end.


Innovate Birthday Favor Minie DisneyThe alternative of toys can still have a variation: what about the guest to leave before he gets his own favor in luck. Whether putting your hand in a large bag, fishing a number, saying a number or choosing a box.

If you like the idea but does not know any store like that, or does not have time to look, walk and browse around.


No problem. Access from the comfort of your home those shopping sites in China. This! Have several options safe and reliable, such as, and still On these sites you can go to the category of Gifts and / or Toys and thousands of options will appear.

Prices start at less than two dollars, and can reach values as 30 and 50 dollars. The big advantage is the variety and the new, beyond the fact you do not need to leave the front of the computer

Favor kids party girlAll of these sites do not charge for shipping and delivery, and also have deals for large purchases of the same item.

If you have time, can go into other categories of sites, and take a look at watches. In this category also have items for children, and with very affordable prices.

If you have time, can go into other categories of sites, and take a look at watches. In this category also have items for children, and with very affordable prices.

Favor Kids Party AnimalBut if you are not afraid to innovate itself, and still wants to pull a few laughs, you can click on the categories of jokes, and buy items like fake mustaches, gelatin and plastic animals that mimic fart. Your party will come out of the refrigerator, move away from the closet and stand in memory of the whole family.



Spongebob Favor Kids

Creative Favor Mickey

Mickey Minie Favors kids party Disney

How to Make a Cheap Birthday Party

Party Kids Birthday CheapKids birthday party always brings concerns. Make or hire someone to take care of every detail of the party? Not everyone can hire a team to leave your party (a) small (a) beautiful and memorable, but that does not mean there will be no party, because you can leave everything lovely little spending and using your creativity.

A super important tip is to prepare all the details in advance, as well as avoid inconvenience, will allow items to be purchased at a discount.

Disney Party Theme for Kids BabiesThe first step is to choose the party theme, so you know where to begin. Having made the choice, start by decorating the table, because it is the main and most difficult of the party.

To decorate the table there are two alternatives, the first is to do the decorating with crepe paper, as well as being cheap gives a charming air. The second alternative is to use TNT, which gives to be reused on other occasions. So if the subject is football, for example, you can use green and white crepe paper, or TNT in the same colors.

Crepe Paper Decoration Children PartyBe with TNT or crepe paper, make two layers around the table where the cake will be the sweets and candies. The point should be of a shape of a skirt. If you choose the crepe paper, do not use white glue, as well as stain takes to dry. To use the TNT double-sided tape, is great because the finish is completely invisible. You can do several other tables around the place and put the favors on them, so the visitors can get the treat when they want.

Hello Kitty Sweet Candies PartyTo decorate the table, and cake and coconut candy distributed cascading, use disposable cups and balloons. Buy disposable cups and paint to paint them, there are colored glasses, but the color choices are very limited. Glue a plastic holder or even a toothpick, you can decorate with ribbon at the bottom of the cup. Blow up the balloon and tie it in the holder. Fill with candy and toys to give weight and decorate the table.

The feast of sweets can be made at home. In the supermarket there are several options such as little cashew, kiss and Brig. All very simple to do, but remember to only roll the candies a day before if possible or at the feast, so they will not be hard.

Hot Dog Kids PartyHot dogs, popcorn and snacks are the favorites of children. There is a mini sausage in the supermarket that just be boiled in hot water and then added to the sauce, the advantage is not have a very strong flavor. For crayons, you can buy at the fair roll pastry dough that gives 30 turnovers to make large (fair) and about 90 tiny ones.

The secret is to dare, noting that the target audience is kids, not adults.

Hello Kitty Decoration Kid Party Girls

Ballons Circus Theme Party

Film Cars Decoration Party

Lolipops for cheap party kids

Balloon Tips for Kids Parties

Ballons Party KidsThe balloons or balls are protagonists in any party. No birthday is complete without some balloons. Whether they are made of latex or metallic, plain or decorated, minis or giants, no matter, are always the joy of children.

The formats are varied, coming through the traditional super-heroes, stars and numbers.

There are other ways to use balloons to decorate. Some of the most popular ideas include columns, arches, garlands and table centerpieces. You certainly have seen some of these models and wondered: Is it easy?

Path of Balloons PartyNo matter how small the party, use some balloons makes any more relaxed.

Before anything, you must decide if you just want to use balloons in a particular place (like the cake on the table or door) or if you want to use balloons throughout the room.



Finding Nemo Party DecorationTo help, the location of the party divide into three: ceiling, tables and floor. For each of the types have specific levels that can be used. On the roof, for example, balloons in shapes of drops, giant balloons, arches or even garlands are excellent choices. As for surfaces, we can use the table centerpieces or balloons with helium for floating. The final level, the floor, we have the famous columns. Once selected, go to the colors. It is recommended to use 2-3, to a greater aesthetic effect.

To start the installation, fill the air, take the traditional node, and then tie them two and two, through their own ends. Vary the color combination, preferably not in pairs with the same color.

Colorful BallonsThat done, begin assembling the selected types, always crossing the pairs, so they are secure. The more crossed pairs, the better the cosmetic result of their format, either arc or even column.

After decorating the party at all levels, how about doing something else? Fill another 100 or 200 balloons, put them within one or more bags (garbage bag, for example) and make a balloon drop. This effect can be used at the entrance of the birthday, or during the “Happy Birthday”.

Birthday Party BallonsStill on balloons, some tips are important if you choose to use helium gas. Remember that helium can be a good option to save time when you need large quantities:

– Metallized balloons, inflated with helium, can last 14 days;
– Avoid exposing balloons to extreme heat, because with this there is a risk of explosion;
– In very cold environments balloons may seem empty;
– Inhaling helium can result in severe lung injury;

Even if you have lost some time decorating your party with balloons, do not worry if in the end it’s over blown. The children will thank you.

Garnish with Party Balloons

Fantastic Ballons Party

Spiderman Ballon

Spiderman Ballons Party Decoration

Zoo Party Decoration Colorful Ballons

Ideas Birthday Decoration for Little Boys

As written in another post, know your child’s favorite character is essential.

For decoration birthday party for boys the ideal decorating with colors between blue (various shades), green (various shades), white, red, black, gray, silver, orange. What about the scenario for the boys to the party is getting good and happy birthday to choose the way he wants his party. He can choose the scenario is all of his team, can be about the sport he likes to do or watch, and can also choose from some of these:

Ben10 Decoration Birthday PartyBen 10, Justice League, Dragon Ball, Cars, Scooby Doo, Green Lantern, Hot Wheels, Ice Age, Spiderman, The Incredibles, Fantastic Four, Power Rangers, Transformers, Chaves, Hulk, Kung Fu Panda, Pirates, captain America, Madagascar and Superman
His son is still a baby and do not know which scenario to use the party? So there’s a few suggestions:

Care Bears, Speed Racer, Barney, Backyardigans, Rugrats, The Fairly OddParents, Sponja Bob, Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh, Bolt (Super Dog), Mickey Mouse, Clowns, Disney Baby, Disney characters with little babies.

Clowns Decoration PartyFor decoration regarding colors of birthday parties for babies, the ideal is to use light colors like light blue, yellow, light green, white, lighter colors convey a lull for children.



Superheroes ChocolateTo have a party pretty quiet for the angels, it is good to have a corner for them, a ball pool for so they do not become vulnerable to get hurt more with the other guests, and leaving them with monitors so parents responsible for getting unconcerned.

And do not forget the souvenirs of birthday party for guests with everything matching.

Spongebob Ballon Party

Superheroes Souvenir Superman Batman

Popcorn and Lolipops Party Decoration

Cupcake Jurassic Park

Birthday Decoration for Little Girls

Girls birthday party, what to do?

Cinderella Party DecorationThe ideal is that parents know what is the idol of the child for any embarrassment in the party. Knowing favorite color and if she does not know, opt for delicate colors like pink, from pink to lighter pink as possible, lilac, white, purple, yellow, light blue, light brown with light pink is super trendy to the princesses.

Scenarios with brightly colored balloons in the shape of hearts, little flowers, are endless options for decorating the birthday party. If the girl does not have a favorite character for his birthday party, here are some tips:

Lolipops for PartiesThe powerpuff girls (The Powerpuff Girls) – which can be displayed the three girls or even one of them: the poppet (light blue), the flower (pink) and sweet (green).

Barbie (there are numerous models of Barbie, princess, musketeer, rocker, fairy, etc..), Kitten Marie, Minnie, Tinker Bell, Hello Kitty, Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Belle (Beauty and the Beast), (Ariel) Small Mermaid, Pocahontas, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Tiana, Mulan and Jasmine.

Butterfly Cake PartyAnd if any of her daughter is an infant, has these tips here:

Disney Baby, Disney characters with little babies.

Strawberry Shortcake, Backyardigans, Rugrats, Barney, Hello Kitty, Care Bears Super, Monica’s Gang (where you can use all the characters in the gang or even a note, or Magali Monica), Margaret (Donald Duck).

Buffet Decoration Party Girls WonderfulOr even create a decor where your baby is a princess. Making the scene with its bottom with baby princess outfit or even an assembly with all her outfits from Disney princesses, using balloons that highlight the color of the scenery that passes a certain joy and calm for babies do not get too excited.

Cupcakes for kids party

Sweets for Kids Party Popsicle stick

Don’t do ugly and please your guests as well as small adults, the way to bet is deliciously fun.

Cooking Apple Love CandyThe old apple of love, for example, can make a cover of dark chocolate, white chocolate, M & M’s, jelly beans, colored granules … The trick is to choose those versions of the fruit sold for children, those children. And not to soil the hands of angels (and even new clothes) the tip is to stick popsicle: no points, no risk!


Fantastic Chocolate Truffles StickWith the sticks left over, you can join the fashion of the cupcake, leaving aside the plates and garfinhos, and still the joy of doing meninada. If your recipe for the cookie dough is a little more consistent, you can take the balls ready right in the conventional manner. Now, if the mass is slightly more liquid, using those forms of silicone. Can be star-shaped, heart, superhero.


Popsicle Party Chocolate

After cooking is only covered with white chocolate with aniline or a delicious dulce de leche. Snacks ready, it’s time to assemble the trays and decorate the table.

But if the idea is to keep the convenience (and economy), take a passadinha the fabric store and buy one clear plastic tablecloth. With the towel, you can make it easier for the guests.

Who knows fashion and takes the entire party will stop on a stick? Have you considered the fruit? Banana with condensed milk, granulated. Or the traditional strawberry with chocolate.

Swiss Crepe Party FestivalThe salt can also end up in the sticks. Since the traditional Swiss crepes to pizza and cheese bread. The secret is portion size, regardless of sweet or savory, in manere sizes. It is preferable to increase the amount (and make the table more colorful and decorated) to have the remains scattered throughout the party. For more delicious recipes that are his, the smaller will not be very interested in eating, so do not lose much time doing it. If the apple is too large, will certainly come to a halt at the hands of the father or mother.

And speaking adults, if you want to offer more options to them, the barbecue stick can come into play. Stick small pieces of meat, chicken heart or a cheese curd. Two interesting tips: Cut the tip of the toothpick with pliers, and then pass the shish in a seasoned flour.

Cakepop ChocolateUnlike other sticks, these can not go to our towel. Take the exit to buy the sticks, aniline and granules, and buy half styrofoam ball size. The skewers can go directly to the adults’ table, and if you want to start praise, be sure to cover it with foil.

Everything was ready: it’s time to celebrate. Do not forget to spread some napkins and garbage cans.


Sweet Candy on Stick

Tips for a Good Party

Great alternative for those who want to give THAT little party for her son (a), but it’s always good to give that researched and then not have a headache.

Colorful Lolipops Kids PartyFirst, we must know the number of people invited to the birthday party for not having that problem is to place a much greater capacity than needed, it may appear to be a party means boring or dull and did not rent a buffet too small to cause no inconvenience and “push-push” among the guests.

The issue of lighting and hygiene for the guests are indispensable things.

The location of the buffet, if you have parking, as would be the ability, if it is easy to access, etc.

Games Party KidsThe share of food in a children’s party is a very important issue, right? So the quality of sweet and savory should be evaluated, tasted and it is also important to have a good indication.

Questioning if the buffet is fundamental to the toys the predominant age group, has enough variety of toys for children, has been required to monitor the safety of children.

Normally the duration of the festivities in buffet child is four hours, therefore, enters into an agreement and have a tolerance for not having to pay overtime (if any bit of delay time).

Sponge Bob Styrofoam Kid PartyIt is worth remembering that everything or almost everything can be negotiated, the rent of the buffet, the sweets, the snacks, cake, check from how many years you pay – that is preferably above 5 or 6 years. Make the guest list and add more open about 15 people to be paid after the party by the attendance.