Recipes to Make Your Own Soda

Soda Kids PartyIf you want to innovate in your party without spending more money so try making your own soda. Below you have three recipes and different ways of preparation. Choose your:

Recipe 1: Lime Soda
10 liters of water
½ kg of sugar
½ cup lemon juice
1 lemon

Orange Soda FantaPut water to boil and then pour sugar into the pan with the water still boiling, until everything dissolves well. Remove pan from heat and let cool for a while, then put in a plastic bowl with the lemon juice fresh water.

Cut the lemon and wrap in a cheesecloth or a coffee filter. Put into the liquid for 24 hours (minimum). After this time, remove the lemon juice and bottle it in plastic two-liter closed.

Leave the bottles to rest for 15 days in a cool and dark place. Before to consume, take the refrigerator and serve cold drinks as well.


7up Soda Limon
7up Soda Limon


Soda CostumeRecipe 2: Orange Soda

6 units of chopped carrots
2 liters of ice water
1/2 cup of strained lemon juice
1 cup orange juice strained
1 unit of grated orange peel
2 liters of mineral water ice


Homemade SodaFirst coat the carrots in a blender with a liter of ice water. Pass it through a sieve, and return to bring the liquid to the blender.

Beat in the remaining water. Strain again and set aside.

In a blender, add lemon juice, orange juice, grated orange peel, sugar, carrot juice reserved and beat for 3 minutes.

Remove, place in a bowl and mix with cold water with gas.


Coca ColaRecipe 3: cola (coke)

2 liters of ice water and gas
300 ml of syrup glue (or second juice packages paste and powder)

This recipe is the most basic, and syrup in place of glue, you can use any liquid concentrate.

For the soda is the secret the amount of gas: the more carbonated, the better the end result.

Cool Fun StrawTo start the preparation, put some sparkling water in a cup, and stir in the syrup, until a homogeneous blend well.

Diluted with syrup, but still focused, put it in a bottle of sparkling water.

Avoid moving the bottle not to miss the gas after open.

One tip is to put the syrup diluted, close the lid, and turn the bottle upside down, leaving it there for two or five minutes.

Take, if you will, for some time in the refrigerator. Just take care not to freeze.