Backyardigans Party Decoration

The series “The Backyardigans” tells the story of five friends, they are: Pablo (penguin), Tyrone (moose), Uniqua (Uniqua), Tasha (hipopĆ³tama), and Austin (kangaroo). They imagine that the yard is like a place of adventure. From this principle we can create a children’s party with the theme of the Backyardigans very fun and dynamic. In the […]

Winnie the Pooh Party Theme Decoration

This is a great theme party for small children, because Pooh is beloved by them. Invitations can be made on your computer, with images taken from the internet. Include the name of the characters in the invitation for guests to have an idea of the atmosphere of the festival, can be something like “Come celebrate […]

Disney Party Theme Decoration

You may think there is no space for the classics, but make no mistake. To date Mickey Mouse items decorating and his Disney friends are marketed worldwide. And if your son or daughter want this gang invades your party, you can not stop reading this post. It may seem a bit difficult to take this […]