Ice Age Kids Party Decoration

Celebrate your birthday with a small party theme from the movie Ice Age. This animation series is very popular among children, and love all the characters! And if your children are part of that gang, they will love a birthday party inspired by the film, and memories of that day will keep for life. The […]

Madagascar Kids Party Decoration

The theme for the birthday party of children always brings many questions when parents decide the best design or super hero to illustrate the party. One excellent option is to bet on the animals that star in the animation movie Madagascar, done in computer graphics. The movie tells the story Room animals leaving the comfort […]

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Party Theme Decoration

The invitation, of course, should be a golden ticket. A suggested text is: “Greetings to you, the lucky winner of the Golden Ticket from Mr. Willy Wonka! Present this ticket at (address) on (date) at (time)! Do not be late! ” Everything must be very colorful and look very appetizing. Make giant lollipops, candy canes, […]

Disney Party Theme Decoration

You may think there is no space for the classics, but make no mistake. To date Mickey Mouse items decorating and his Disney friends are marketed worldwide. And if your son or daughter want this gang invades your party, you can not stop reading this post. It may seem a bit difficult to take this […]

How to Make a Vintage (retro) Birthday Party

You do not want to decorate your parties with cartoons, children’s reasons and not even just with colors? Are you tired of always seeing the same thing on party decorations and would like something new, something new for your child and your guests? To innovate you need not make your party less colorful, or less […]