Every kid loves lollipops. At the party then can not miss lollipops lollipops and more. To give you great ideas to make your party lollipops in their small, here are some suggestions:

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This theme is ideal for parties of small children between 1 and 3 years. Kids love jelly beans, and they will surely love seeing so many jelly beans to taste! It’s a fun theme, colorful and very cheap, since we can find jelly beans of all kinds everywhere. For decoration, place fresh flowers in cups, […]

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Almost always the coconuts┬ácandies, are indispensable at a party. However, it is difficult to find candies that are good. Here’s how to make their own candies, and also to perfect the recipe: One pound of dry coconut, peeled and chopped 2 cups hot but not boiling 1 kg of sugar Put a pound of flesh […]

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1. Baguette Fill several baguette, cut into slices and put on the table, make it look like one piece. 2. Sweet Sausage You will need sausage and puff pastry. Cut the dough into small squares and place the sausage in the middle. Place honey, cinnamon and close with a fork. Bake until pastry golden. 3. […]

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Don’t do ugly and please your guests as well as small adults, the way to bet is deliciously fun. The old apple of love, for example, can make a cover of dark chocolate, white chocolate, M & M’s, jelly beans, colored granules … The trick is to choose those versions of the fruit sold for […]

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