For quieter it is your party, where you meet some children, someone could get hurt. Be prepared for possible contingencies. Let stand near a first aid kit with items such as hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic, cotton, adhesive bandage and ice pack. In coso some scratch, bruise or superficial, wash the area well. Do not pass ointments, […]

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This is the first party that you are organizing? Experienced or not there is always that uncertainty that something can go wrong, or that strange feeling that something is being forgotten. Regardless of anything, avoid committing any of these 5 mistakes: 1 – Forgetting to book the hall. At some times of the year to […]

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Organizing a party for small can be stressful and seem very laborious. Here are some tips that can unmissable save you time and money. When planning a party, it seems natural that you have to invite all your friends, family and everyone who has invited you to a party recently. However, the larger the assembly, […]

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You’re out of money to do a birthday party, but can not let that date go blank? Here are some ideas to make this day even more special for you, your family and especially for his son. 1 – Gather some pals and make a nice picnic in a park near his home. You can […]

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For birthday parties for children 4-6 years, this idea is a very practical and super fun. For a different call, a balloon filled, but not the tie. Keep holding while writing the place, date and time of the party. Also make a small card decorated with balloons containing other necessary information – including information to […]

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You’ve planned the menu, prepared foods, defined the place of the party and think everything is under control. Then the guests arrive and soon began to drink and eat. And along with the fun comes the chaos of dirty dishes and glasses. You may be wondering whether you should ignore the whole mess until the […]

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Everything is ready to begin. The music has been selected, the speakers were well positioned, and the balloons are filled, and you’re just waiting to get the clown. Clown? You hired an entertainer for your party, to come dressed as a clown, and make sure that all children will enjoy and have fun too, right? […]

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