Blender Cupcake Easy Recipe

The cupcakes have made ​​a great success in children’s parties. Their bright colors and its distinctive shape make this candy is asked by kids. Besides delicious, the cupcakes are decorative and can be used to complement the visual candy table or placed alongside the main cake party. The decor of the cupcake can be varied, […]

Savory Cupcake and Stuffed Recipe

Undoubtedly the success is undeniable that the cupcakes are doing at parties for adults and children. Beautiful, tasty and very creative these mini cakes every passing day takes on new versions and colors. As we know most of them are sweet with different fillings and toppings, but for those who do not like much candy […]

Recipe of Wet Chocolate Cake

In every birthday party cake is usually the sweetest expected, especially in children’s parties. Be it any flavor cake is always a hit with guests. Often mothers choose to order a cake for a child’s party (a) but not all have this availability, so a good tip is to prepare a delicious birthday cake at […]