When it comes to children’s party most people immediately think of sweets and snacks that will be served to the guests. It is virtually impossible to go to a party and not enjoy most of these delights. Many mothers prefer that specialty buffets remain in charge of this task, but not all have this availability, […]

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It is always important to take care of feeding the kids, especially when it involves the goodies usually after every kind of excess becomes harmful in some way. Children’s parties in the amount of sweets and snacks provided by the buffet is huge. No one can resist the many delights, but if the party is […]

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The first thing to decide is whether you will serve a meal, appetizers or be only a party with cake and ice cream! Whether the party is for babies, toddlers or bigger because once you decide what kind of party will become just a matter of portion sizes. Only a party with cake and ice […]

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You know a lot of practical recipes for sweets. But for the snack thing gets a little complicated. You do not know anything other than hot dogs and sandwiches, and would like to please the guests? Okay, below you will have 3 recipes with ingredients that are certainly in your kitchen. Sausage Pie For dough 4 […]

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The kids birthday parties have never been known to have a large menu with nutritional values, quite the contrary, usually contain an overdose of unhealthy calories and sugar for our children. Often, the anxiety of wanting to please all guests bombarded with sweets, chocolates, cakes, sugar, sugar and sugar. Unfortunately, at the end of all, […]

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1. Baguette Fill several baguette, cut into slices and put on the table, make it look like one piece. 2. Sweet Sausage You will need sausage and puff pastry. Cut the dough into small squares and place the sausage in the middle. Place honey, cinnamon and close with a fork. Bake until pastry golden. 3. […]

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